Sunday, April 26, 2009

Excerpt from Allura

"Allura!" A red-headed imp, posing unsuccessfully as a young lady danced into the room, her skirts sailing around her legs, her hair flying every which way in wild abandon. "Can you come see the new--" she broke off when she caught sight of Hunter.

At the sound of her name, Allura’s tension seemed to vanish and a warm smile suddenly spread across her face. "Oh, Aidan!" she cried in a far nicer tone of voice than Hunter had heard from her yet. "You must wait a few moments. Father wants me to stay here."
Aidan laughed, and with another tiny skip she seated herself on a stool beside the fire. Glancing at Hunter, she sent him a friendly smile and said, "Hello, you must be Hunter Gray." She turned to Blade. "And you must be his friend, Blade. What a strange name."

Here is the first glimpse of Aidan, Allura little sister.

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