Sunday, December 20, 2009

Emotion in writing

A fellow writer and friend asked about writing emotion. How does one go about writing emotion. When the point of view is one of another woman, I close my eyes and try to envision the scene. I feel everything the character is feeling and then I write. Many times I will layer and relayer as the scene develops and I better understand what my character is feeling at the moment. The author must consider everything that came before the scene and everything that will follow. What the character does in the scene that is being written will effect the character's actions later in the story. And the emotions within the scene must be consistent with that character.

It is harder for me to write emotions when the scene is in the male point of view. I make sure the scene is critiqued and when I'm doubtful, I ask advice from both male and females. The basics, however are the same.

How do you write a emotion. Leave a comment. And don't forget to scroll down a ways and sign my guest book for a copy of The Wager yet to be released by Awe-struck.

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