Thursday, August 27, 2009

Excerpt from The Wager: Coming November 2009

"It’s a godsend, I say," Aric Lakeland told Damian. "I am heartily glad the girl’s servant showed her hand. We must know who is loyal. Who we can trust."

"There is no proof," Damian cautioned. "I would know more before I condemn the old woman. She seemed sincere."

"She must have had a bone to pick with someone. We do not know her history or what harm has been done her family by the English."

"Perhaps it is not the English she seeks to harm. Perhaps she means to implicate the girls in her scheme and discredit them," Aric tossed out.

A shudder ran down Damian’s spine. He had thought along those lines more than once. The girls would have to be protected.

How would he protect Amorica from himself? He had stayed away from her, tried to put her from his mind. But now he was about to return to court.

They would meet.

He would have to see her. If he did not appear smitten, Dicky and Richy would question his motives.

His choices were limited.

A costume ball...

The Duchess would guard her charges. Did she have their best interest at heart? He prayed she did.

If Maddie was loyal to the girls, could she be trusted to keep his secrets too? She offered her loyalty, pretended to understand his cause. Maddie had inferred that she might have a new asylum for the political refugees. A safe haven.

Damian’s heart sped. Different scenarios to this raced through his mind.

"Do not trust her and do not let down your guard. We cannot know her mind," Aric cautioned.

"I will heed your warning."

"You must do more than that. You must watch your back," Aric said.

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