Friday, January 22, 2010

Friday: Goal setting day

I have my notes out and I'm ready to start writing on the St.Paty's day anthology. I am reminding myself to give this novella a name. I am increasingly tired of calling it SPDA. After I write this, I am going to find it. (somewhere in September) and read the story from the beginning to the end. That is not really very far. As January fades, and swim season begins to come to a close, I am taking a good long look at what I hope to accomplish in 2010. One major goal is to get back to my writing. I have to stop procrastinating, stop playing solitare on line and write. Excuses can go only so far and then accountability has to set in. If I want to accomplish something I can't just sit back and wait for it to happen. I have my math students write a goal every week. (the goal must be classroom and math oriented). I am trying to teach them how to write goals and that they have to be short term, one week in length. They have to be measurable and realistic. Some of the students have caught on. Others just write that they want to get their grade higher. Or they want an A. They don't seem to understand that if you have a 65%, you won't be able to change your math grade to an A in one week.

Friday will be my goal day: This week I will read my SPDA and I will fill out my scene chart for the following scene.

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