Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Getting caught up.

Just give me one extra day and I can catch up. Yesterday was so wonderful. I had time to finish editing a manuscript, corresondence and designing a cover. But darn it, I still didn't have time to write. But when I have enough time to start thinking about writing, things must be looking up. I'm thinking, and planning, and my mind is going back to stories I started several years ago. So, I suppose that is good. It's finals week at Stayton High, and I will have a little extra time. I love scan tron. A 100 problem final can be graded in 5 minutes. :) The kids hate them though. Sigh...
Back to writing. I think I have to get more organized. If I set aside time every day or even Thursday through Friday for myself, I might make some headway. So that's the plan. I will set aside an hour on those days and write. Work on my own writing for a change. Well, we'll see. I suppose I have to have more confidence in myself and making myself sit down in front of the computer. I know other people do. Once upon a time I was no for how much I wrote and it was a lot. Not so anymore. Now, I just want to make headway, a couple of pages a day. Enough so that I stay in my characters heads and know what they are still thinking. Mine write now are probably getting into all kinds of trouble.

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